I was born and raised in the Philippines. I started drawing and creating art at a very early age. Like a lot of other kids, dinosaurs were an obsession and were my favourite subjects to draw from elementary to high school. And then I discovered movie monsters - Godzilla, Predator, Aliens and all the Stan Winston and Ray Harryhausen creatures were my favourites.
After finishing high school, I decided to pursue art - I had a choice of choosing Studio Arts or Advertising Design. My parents strongly recommended advertising as they claimed there is no money in painting so I got in the University to study Visual Communication. I graduated and had a full-filling 5 years in the advertising industry as a graphic designer and art director.
In 2005, I had to make a life changing decision to move to Sydney, Australia. It was a very difficult move and I was set back to start, having no friends and family, different culture and technology, I struggled… but eventually, I managed to get back into graphic design. 
When I got back on my feet and started feeling more adjusted to my new home, I started drawing again and rediscovered my love for creating sci-fi and fantasy creatures.  I worked on a lot of personal projects and explored different new mediums until I tried clay and eventually fell in love with sculpting. 
As I progress and developed my skills, so did the online society. I started posting my art online and  people started to like my work, and eventually lead me to do some art gigs on the side. It is a really great feeling to get paid doing what you love to do.

Concept Art: 2D and 3D
Illustration: Traditional and Digital
Sculpting: Traditional and Digital
Photo retouching/Image Manipulation
Graphic Design: Book Cover Layout & Title Art

To view my Graphic Design and other creative works, please visit: