Hello & thank you for visiting my portfolio. My name is Elden, I am a Visual Artist based in Sydney, Australia.
I work as an Artist for Hire producing illustrations, concept art and digital sculptures for books, games, movies and toys for clients all over the world.

Some of my past & current clients:
Wild Hunt Press (US)
Newton Press (JP)
Rebor Studios (UK)
Fifth Journey (HK)
Yotta Studios (CHN)
Team Chaos (Chaotic Moon Studios) (US)
Pacific World Pictures​​​​​​​ (US)
Vintage Reel Productions (US)
Perception Entertainment (US)
Terry Rossio - Screenwriter (US)
Brian Godawa - Author/Director (US)
Dan Koboldt - Author (US)

To view my Graphic Design and other creative works, please visit: 

I also run an outsourcing creative studio called Lungga Creatives: