Hello and thank you for visiting my online portfolio. My name is Elden, I am a Creative based in Sydney, Australia.
I am a Graphic Designer during the day, but during my spare time, I work as an Artist for Hire producing illustrations, concept art and digital sculptures for books, games, movies and toys for clients all over the world.

Some of my past and current clients:
Wild Hunt Press (US)
Rebor Studios (UK)
Team Chaos (Chaotic Moon Studios)(US)
Fifth Journey (HK)
Vintage Reel Productions (US)
Perception Entertainment (US)
Media Freak Productions (US)
Terry Rossio - Screenwriter (US)
Brian Godawa - Author/Director (US)
Mark W Curran - Writer/Director/Producer (US)
Dan Koboldt - Scientist/Author (US)

To view my Graphic Design and other creative works, please visit: 

I also run an outsourcing creative studio called Lungga Creatives: